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Way of life between heaven and "Erzberg"


How rusty saints are restored to former splendor and the miner's life story.
An unconventional “show project”. 




It is now more than 50 years since the last members of the Mesner family left the ancient walls of St. Oswald. In 2020, the former “Mesner tower” became the new home for those who were moved out of the church more than 100 years ago, the "discarded" saints that once resided in the baroque interior. 



But even more - the “Mesner tower” was transformed into a new home to former mining life stories. While today the mighty machines of Central Europe's most modern open-cast mine are literally "moving mountains" the “Mesner tower” gives a voice to all those who did their daily work in the former mines and workshops of the Erzberg.



Curious now?

Come and visit us - hear and see for yourself the miner’s life story, how faith finds its expression in their life and how tradition lives on today.


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Ostern - Advent
9:00 Uhr - Dämmerung

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The Fortified Church of St. Oswald

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